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On a train right now with my friend to see William Control in Chicago with my girls. So excited! William Control and Combichrist in Chicago! Woo hoo!


I haven’t been on here much (for anyone who actually cares and wonders where I’ve been) because there is no Internet at my house anymore and I’ve also been working more. Hopefully there will be Internet back at my house soon.

nobody-compares-xo asked: Could you reblog the post you like the most on the actual page of my blog please? :) x

When I get a chance, sure.

noozulf asked: How has your day been?

I’m great today. On a train to Chicago with my friend to see William Control. Thanks for asking. How is your day?

Anonymous asked: Can i see your face


Should be there.


"And people will look at you like you’re the Antichrist just ‘cause you’re wearing black and you have tattoos" -Chris Motionless

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Grey Gravestone RIP